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well it is time to par the friends list down on this live journal..sooo if you want to stay message me..if you don't..then that is cool too ;)

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well today is my sat...not planning on doing much but kicking back and relaxing. Tomorrow Mark and I are going to the bike show , and meal out...can't wait to go to the bike show and see toys for my bike.
is it spring yet?

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today was a very good day. I have been working all the ot hours I could. Hay is $65 per round bale delivered..and I have enough to last until Dec 1...today unexpected money hit the bank..a nice $1850...that means on sunday 28 round bales will come..that means enough hay until March 1. Small squares-I have about another 100 coming...

thank you money tree for the hay ;)

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oh lord..so the ot is starting to kick my butt..but I only have 5 hrs next week..but I am digging up out of this hole..but yawn..all I want to do is nap. almost 20 hrs of ot this week..is painful.

Looks like  Milly(wanilla) is looking rather pregs..might make afew issues this winter.

well very short update..heading back to the couch.

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For the last few yrs I have made my postings open to the public. however I have noticed a trend on my statistics page for lj.


someone has been logging in once or twice a day to my lj...been going on for more than 6 months+

August 27 2012, 22:01 IVYMOM  aka  Misty ..my ex-husbands wife... this is creepy and from now my lj is locked to friends only .

Some people REALLY need to move on with their lives and leave me alone.

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one full day of vacation is done..dump run, and now both guest bedrooms are ready for people. house is cleaned from top to bottom, and feels so nice. Even windows are cleaned and rugs and couches shampoo'd.

Willow flys in tonight into porter..looking forward to some Sister time...Kari and her girls are coming out tomorrow morning.

Feels VERY fall like out there..dropping off tempwise at night. Mom and Dad will be here in a week. Can't belive they are coming up /over/down from MI :)

Had to wipe and restall the bb last night..works amazingly better. Now I can hold out until the next one. Home office is all set up..Mark keeps catching on the computer for work and threatening to take the powercord...lol . I still can't belive I have 2 1/2 weeks off..soooo needed this down time.

Freedom goes out for training to new trainer first of sept. hoping this girl does more, to be honest last one did get pregs, but never told me so much didn't get done..she didn't charge me as much but kept the mare there..so I missed getting her bred this yr.

I am being a responsible adult..$500 a month into my retirement fund. Oh well..sure helps with the taxes and when I do retire I will appreciate having the money.

I am loving the new job, and from here the opportunities are amazing. They keep posting all these opportunities..after the last 3 months of commuting I am kind of cured of looking but for the future..who knows. especially once the 407 is done.

Fish is do happy I am home..he does laps around his tank whenI am in the room...lol .

off to find some breaky..and watch some mindless tv ;)

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Yeah for day off...seems Mark will be spending it somewhere....he has friends coming to kidnap him in an hr..I was sent a text to make sure he was up and dressed to be on the motorcycle...lol. I made sure his rain gear was packed.
3 more shifts and my 2 1/2 vacation starts..may be a staycation but yeah..and after that the at home starts. phew.

I have 3 shifts to get all my stuff from the work computer on my home one and lug all my crap back..yikes...how does it multiply like that..lol

today will be lay on couch and ready book.

Mark is a saint, he steam cleaned the couches yesterday and washed windows..wow..so nice. I might do a load of laundry...

Willow will be here friday..whoot.

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God bless my central air!! phew.

Went out to the pool, and found it down about a foot and half of water..seems we sprung a leak..mark fixed it and it is refilling. Will pull the cover over tonight , shock it and run the pump all night. Should be ready by late noon tomorrow..and hopefully above 96 lol

On day 5 of this darn migraine. Seems a lot of people are having them this year. Went did a huge grocery shop so house is full of fruit and veggies..yumm...can't even bring myself to make a cornbeef on rye sandwich..just want fruit.

Is tv always this boring??? I never watch it anymore except my few pvr'd shows..hmmm , head doesn't want me to read, 
so lucky Mark could do horses on his way into work.

Looks like iphone 5 is coming out in sept. I am SOOO glad I am not in LNR..and this means OT and working from home..that is so fine with me ;)  I need to save up my pennies for the m2 exit test!

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well..I aquired 3 more arabian horses today. Pure polish and some amazing bloodlines. The two mares will be bred to guaranteed gold next year for anglo babies..and the colt the one mare has at side, will be gelded next year and sold. This way ms Nattie will have a buddy this winter. With the price of hay going up this might not have been the best time, but I believe things happen for a reason. They are close and the price is so right.

vacation starts on the 16th and I can't wait. After the vac, I start working from home again. To regain that 15 to 20 hrs a week commuting time not to metion the savings in gas and wear and tear on the vehicles and me..yes please.

I am debating on turing the ac on tonight..rather humid..

will decide that if I can't sleep. wonder how cold the pool is ;) they say you can put glow sticks in them for night swimming..now THAT would be fun.

hoping all my friends are having fun at pennsic. I miss it , but think I would only want to ever do a few days again..not really into rustic camping for 2 full weeks any more..

Got an award for my stats at work in june, and I overachieved again for july . LOVEING channel care..so much nicer. way less stress and more money and work from home and awesome hrs working from home...yeappers ;) In a couple of years might look to move to corporate..or be a team manager but for now I am done applying..but I think I said that last year when I got at home then..oopps..

Freedom is doing great at the trainers, and all the other horses are doing great. glad I have so much grass. at least adding 3 more mouths won't make a big difference. Will be same number as I had last winter. I am not going to count and know that number..lol

yawn..off to bed..lets see if I can sleep. Mark is working all weekend, so I have 3 days to finally finish my ribbon/quilt/wallhanging..won't know till it's done. 4th bedroom is almost ready for guess..a bit more paint, and curtains and it will be lovely.

okk...well night all.